Step 2 of A1

On the CMU campus a student, teacher, or visitor notices a large sign with a photo of a nearby piece of art and its respective direction from the current location. The user is interested in learning more, both about the piece and clear directions. The user downloads the app via the Bridge or the app page in the App Store. After downloading the user browses for directions via the two channels of how to move through the app. The user is then guided via directions on the app that are displayed in the exact perspective of the user. Additional colored markings are on the sidewalk that will guide the user to the artwork. Once the user arrives, they explore both the piece and the app and notice a nearby sign explaining more about the piece and a “clue” as to how to get to the next and nearest piece of artwork from their current location.

Narrative Photographs for App

step 1 in narrative process

This step helped me to develop the idea of integrating both the physical and digital environment into the user experience.rethinking how to frames for swiping

Rethinking the way of displaying the swiping motion when changing pages within the app.

final flow of narrative

The final flow of the narrative written out. Helped me to visualize how I was going to show this through annotated photos.

rough draft narrative try1

First draft of narrative layout, helped me to develop the idea of being sent to either Bridge or the App download page based on user interest.

try2 narrative layout

Another narrative possibility

fidelity path idea SBJ

Helped me to develop the idea of being guided to the artwork in both a digital way and in the actual environment with colored paths drawn on the sidewalk.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.06.13 PM

User is drawn to a poster with images and/or arrows displayed on a highly passed wall by pedestrians (students, faculty, visitors, etc.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.06.04 PM

User notes the indicated website and app name on phone and downloads the app. app frame1

Wireframe corresponding to previous photo

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.05.45 PM

After finding the directions option, user is guided to artwork via the app as well as the indicated colored path on the sidewalk.

app frame4

Corresponding wireframe of where user is in app.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.05.32 PM

User arrives at art, reads more information on their phone, explores the area, and sees a sign about the piece and a “clue” as to where you can be lead next (i.e. the closest piece).

app frame3

Wireframe of app corresponding to above image.


In class today we talked about various ways to enhance the app or maybe rethink certain features of it. We considered incorporating not just the pieces that are currently present and visible to someone on campus but also the history behind it, the plans for new pieces in the future on campus, and pieces that might have been moved or removed and the politics behind these. We talked about how to make the app or the experience of the app desirable and fun for the user. We talked about whether or not a certain function of the app could just as easily be attained through a simpler or already created product. We talked about how to integrate other systems into this one and if the app becomes “smart” by recognizing your preferences. We talked about accessibility for different kinds of users and what functions they would deem important. One thing that I need to focus on in rethinking my narrative layout is the need for different types of displayed information. For example, is a poster or sign really necessary and what the best way to get people to know about the app would be. When thinking about having the app and a kiosk or interactive sign, how would the information be different on each but still useful? And what about the problem of someone getting on to the wifi who’s new on campus? For the next iteration (a more high-fidelity presentation) I will consider the layout of the space I’m working with (both digital and physical), possibly surveying students or faculty for how they get information, diary entries documenting my own experiences of walking through the space and how the app comes into play, and a list of all the factors to consider when trying to put this presentation together.

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